There is lots of great accommodation in the South Africa, including a majority of modern national and international accommodation chains, often with reasonable prices. In general, the quality of accommodation is high, with standard amenities such as television, telephone and very often broadband or Wi-Fi in each room.

Several hospitality companies offer a pre-paid voucher program for use at accommodation chains throughout the SA.

Grading: Basic categories fall into Super, Deluxe, Standard, Moderate and Economy. Prices vary according to standards.

This long-established tradition in the South Africa is now spreading across the Country. Bed & Breakfast signs are not generally displayed by individual homes, but most homes offering this service are listed in directories, which may be purchased by interested travelers. ‘Bed & Breakfast inns’ have up to 20 or so rooms, and are distinguished from ‘country inns’ in that the latter offer meals as well as breakfast.

Caravan parks is extremely popular, especially in the Rocky Mountains and Nature camping sites.Privately run sites:These range from basic to resort luxury. Most have laundry and drying facilities, entertainment and information services. Reservations can be made through this “Where To Stay” Site

Where To Stay